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Welcome to PULSE    



     Welcome to Pulse!


Pulse is a 10-man endgame raiding guild on Turalyon PvE (EST) alliance. Our guild is made up of casual raiders who want to see and clear endgame content. We are looking for dedicated players who have the determination to go to the end and who are willing to work for it.  We do not want individuals who give up easy because the boss is too hard. We will not carry people through raids so, know your class. If you are a raider who wants to be challenged and never gives up, then we want you on the our team. Our guild is full of people who have a sense of humor and enjoy raiding.

Da Rules:
Rule 1 ~ Don't !@#$% with Nasum.
Rule 2 ~ Always !@#$% with Chip.
Rule 3 ~ Candians (not) welcome.
Rule 4 ~ No minorities (especially canadians).
Rule 5 ~ No fat chicks.
Rule 6 ~ If you're wasted maybe 1 fat chick here and there.

Current Progression:

Firelands: 1/7 (Shannox)

Loot Distribution:

Our loot distribution considers the needs of the guild with rolls.

Our raiding schedule is (all times est)

Thursday & Friday 6:30 PM - flexible
Saturday & Sunday 3:00 PM - flexible

We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to experience new content. Applicants should be drama-free, who know their class inside-out, keep up with the latest and upcoming additions and changes to the game, always bring proper consumables to raids, have stable computers and internet connections, and can attend  raids within our raiding times. If you have any questions regarding the guild, please feel free to contact Remmy or Mournblade.

What we expect:

- Be prepared
- Be knowledgeable
- Be flexible because we don't always do things by the book...

We do encourage exceptional players of any class at any time to apply with us. If you have already done so...Thanks for your interest; please wait to be contacted by an officer concerning the status of your application.




Boss Kills


Special Thanks... to our extended family/friends in Nevermore and Equinox.



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